OA Framework VO Extension in Oracle Learning Management

Run the Import Program

Do the import of the java files so that they are converted to unix style Create a shortcut to the command prompt in the jdevhome/jdevbin/jdev/bin folder on your local machine. Create a batch file containing the following, replacing the highlighted details with the correct connect data.

jpximport.bat D:jdeveloperjdevhomejdevmyprojectsCR123.jpx -username enterusername -password enterpassword -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=enterMachineName)(PORT=nnnn)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=SIDNAME)))"

* Note that there are no carriage returns in the batch file. Save as MYjpximport.bat Run the command window from the above directory. Enter the batch name and click enter.

Fig 39 JPXImport

The server should respond with a confirmation message, as shown above.