The program is installed in your website control panel in a few clicks.


Open your website admin page enter/save your Order2Cash settings. Create your inbox special folders. 


Open the application and lick Connect to Mailbox.

The system reads the first of your Bookwhen Admin Confirmation emails in the inbox.

Review the mail and choose to Process the Mail or Skip Email.

Your finance system is checked for existing customers and shows you possible matches. 

You can Choose Existing or Create a New Customer

Next it checks for an existing invoice, and you can Create a New Invoice or Duplicate Invoice if needed.


Successfully processed emails are moved to another folder so you can check what has been done and you are given links to open the created invoice and original booking. 

Skipped emails are also moved to their own special folder.

You can move any email back to the inbox for reprocessing at any time. 

That's it!


The booking admin email does not show discount details, so if you use Bookwhen discounts, you will need to compare the original booking page on Bookwhen manually.

Minimal Data Footprint

The interface is for site admins only. It does not store any customer data, hence has no GDPR impact, once a transaction is processed the data disappears from the interface.  Customer sales data needs to be kept as a statutory requirement, of course, all companies already do that. 


New features will be added in future Order2Cash releases, such as the new Bookwhen API, which we are very excited about looking to make use of. 

We are looking to add other finance systems, such as QuickFile, Sage, Oracle Recievables and so on. 

There are many other cases where our interface code could be adapted to create sales or purchase transactions in your finance system. All we need is a regularly formatted sale or purchase confirmation mail, such as rail. flight and hotel bookings or cash and carry receipts. 


Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

We are cheaper than most plumbers! 

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